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Ernst Bartmann, Manuel de Roo and Josef Irgmaier are convinced that composition exceeds writing scores.

The careful forethinking of the circumstances at the rehearsal of the 36 pieces during the instrumental and ensemble lessons is one possible connection between composer and performance. The personal contact between composer and performers is another enrichment and not to be underestimated for the work on new music, especially the New Sounds Cookbook. To have the possibility to consult the composer on his explicit ideas of the practical working out of a piece seems to be the most significant difference in realization between contemporary and earlier music. Unfortunately, Bach and Mozart are not able to provide information personally anymore.
For music enthusiasts, the experience of meeting a composer personally and getting the chance to acquire music in a very genuine way, beyond the instrumental lessons, is a valuable one that results in a deeper sense for the origin of music.

Ernst Bartmann, Manuel de Roo and Josef Irgmaier, together with the intellectual father of the New Sounds Cookbook, Helmut Lorenz, rehearsed miscellaneous pieces from the New Sounds Cookbook at the music school of the town of Burghausen and at the Johannes-Heidenhain-Gymnasium (secondary school) in the town of Traunreut in the form of workshops with student ensembles. While working, an exceptional interest awoke at both the music school and the secondary school as well. They aimed for getting the idea of how to invent music, how to compose sounds, and how the process of creativity works generally. Thus they researched why people compose music, and if anyone can actually do that. By increasing internalization, the rehearsed pieces were led from the state of simply being noticed to the state of being ready for the stage almost of their own accord; the musicians' stage presence escalated distinctly. The music's message had become clear, so the convincing performance became a quite easy one.

Ernst Bartmann, Manuel de Roo and Josef Irgmaier are going to extend this work by providing workshops for music schools and schools in general. If you intend to make use of the possibility of a workshop at your school, e-mail us your request without any commitment at the following address:

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