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Josef Irgmaier

Josef Irgmaier was born in Tittmoning (Upper Bavaria) in 1973.

In his school days in Burghausen, he became aware of his love of musical composition and improvisation. After abitur, civil service, and one year of musicology, he studied composition and music theory at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg (1995-97 with Christian Ofenbauer, 1997-2004 with Reinhard Febel). The winter term 1999/2000, he spent studying Chinese music at the Conservatory of Music in Shanghai. He received commissions for compositions such as "Cantatum MeMor(t)is" (1997), "AE" (1999), "Des Menschen Vermögen" (2003), and "Vorspiel" (2004). Most of his works are fit for variable instrumentation.

Josef Irgmaier is also pianist (new classical music, salon music, bar music, répétiteur), church musician, teacher, actor, and arranger. In 2008, he founded the Neulandler ensemble. Since 2011, he and his wife Bernadette form the duo Tudo Tranquilo

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